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Here at Civano Eyecare we love Zeiss lenses!  Zeiss is a wonderful company to work with.  Their lenses are super high tech, with so many options to choose from!  Once we receive lenses for patients, they are perfectly manufactured to our specifications.  Zeiss is a company of competence.  We are so glad to work with them.  German engineering, made in the USA!  A great way to go in our global economy.


ZEISS DriveSafe

ZEISS Digital Lens

High tech


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    70% of U.S. adults suffer from Digital Eye Strain. And if you’re wearing distance-only glasses or none at all, you’re not getting the relief you need.


    Digital Lens:


    ZEISS Digital Lens gives you a wide, clear view of the world around you, plus an area of extra focusing power designed specifically for viewing digital devices.

    • Easier focusing on your devices
    • Relief from Digital Eye Strain
    • Clarity for all activities, all day


    DuraVision BlueProtect Lens:


    ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect is specially designed for people who spend a good deal of time in front of their computer, television or tablet, or are frequently exposed to LED and CFL lighting.


ZEISS DuraVision

Rough people.

Tough lenses.

ZEISS Progressive Lens

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    Your eyes. Your style. Your life.

    The prescription your doctor writes for you is completely personalized for your eyes.


    The way you use your eyes is unique to you. You may spend more time than most focusing on one main distance (reading, computer work) or your life may emphasize constant refocusing for dynamic activities (driving, sports, gardening). New technology in ZEISS Progressive Individual® 2 lenses allows your eye care professional to enhance either the near or intermediate and dynamic viewing zones of your lenses to suit your visual lifestyle. You’ll benefit from outstanding vision for all distances, with extra vision support where you need it most.