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William W.

As an 80 year old retired Plastic/Reconstructive surgeon I was very impressed with the extremely thorough eye examination that I received from Dr. Finnell. In fact, her examination was more thorough than many exams by ophthalmologist colleagues that I've experienced in the past. The office setting is very pleasant and her staff is top notch. It's also a huge plus to have her office just across the street from our house, within easy walking distance. If you don't live near by, there is ample parking behind her office.


​Veronique P.

Absolutely the best place for vision care. My entire family wears glasses and we have been to many different optometrists throughout the Tucson area and have never has such a positive experience. Great care, great prices, best options. Whether in the Rita Ranch/Vail area or further away it is worth it to go to Civano Eyecare.



Tanya T.

I took my whole Family to see Dr. Finnell. I must say that I am so glad that I did. My 9 year old is fearful of Doctors of any kind . Dr. Finnell suggested he sit in a chair and watch my exam. She explained everything she was doing to him. Then she suggested he sit in my lap when it was his turn. He left there happy and no tears. She also took time to give my Husband a very thorough exam and found he needed a new prescription . He works a lot with computers and needed lenses just for when he is working on top of his normal prescription . I have never been to a more comfortable setting for an optometrist office . Dr. Finnell took her time and all of our need are met. Thanks Dr. Finnell ! See you soon.



A Guest

Dr. Finnell tested my eyes using tasks and situations that I encounter in my daily life - reading, computer work, driving,. The prescription was perfect!



A Guest

Dr. Finnell spent as much time as was needed to get me the correct prescription. I have never had a pair of glasses fit so well.



Mary Miller

My husband, daughter, and I have all visited Civano Eye Care. Fabulous staff! My four year old went in for her first eye exam and they were absolutely wonderful to her. I would recommend this place to anyone.



Allison Spratt

Very thorough optometrist. Really seems to know her stuff and truly care about her patients. Not your typical office, very quaint and relaxing atmosphere with friendly staff.

Also very kid-friendly. My two toddlers were bouncing off the walls and she was so sweet and tolerant!!! She even held my youngest while I was getting looking through some lenses.



Jennifer Nash

Dr. Finnell is very thorough, patient and professional.  The Doctor was very patient and calming for my children's first eye exam. The front office is very accommodating and professional.  A very pleasant experience at our NEW eye care office



Christine Addis

I was extremely happy with my visit to Civano Eyecare.  Dr. Finnell was extremely patient, helpful and pleasant with my 9 year old son.  She thoroughly checked his eyesight, explained to me what he needed, and I was very happy!



Mr. Jones

The doctor was extremely helpful and patient with me for my first experience with contact lenses. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants excellent service. Thumbs up



Sharon Fields

I had an eye problem which showed up on a Thursday evening - decided to wait it out.  Come Monday - still had a problem so visited Dr. Finnell for the first time.  She was extremely thorough, informative and helpful.  I cannot recommend her more highly.




The service was great.  The office personnel was courteous and professional and very friendly and welcoming.  The eye doctor was very professional and thorough.  The costs were about as expected.  The price for the glasses was high but for the service and within walking distance from my house worth it.  Would highly recommend them.